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You'll know where to be at all times, ready to defend 100% of your court

You'll know what balls are yours to take and what balls your partner should take

You'll know what is the highest percentage shot to hit in every situation and where to hit the ball

You'll practice patience and won’t commit errors by trying to force offense when it doesn’t exist

Are You Experiencing This?

You’ve known for a while that things haven’t been perfectly clicking with your partner.

But you have no idea how to make things better

  • You know that if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, things are never going to change.
  • How do you make the best use of your time on the court?
  • Do you look for a new partner and hope things will change?
  • Is your problem just a case of getting better ‘technique?’
  • How do you get your partner on-board with a ‘new’ way of playing?

That's Why We Created Our Step-By-Step Course:

Dynamite Doubles For Pickleball

You and your partner can hit the court with confidence that you've got the strategy and tools needed to be successful, win matches, and play your best!

You'll see a noticeable difference within a few weeks, not months...

Life Before & After Your Doubles Transformation

Before Doubles Transformation

  • Confusion on the pickleball court with your partner
  • Not knowing what ball is yours and what ball is your partner’s
  • Feeling like you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time on the court
  • Hitting to the wrong opponent or hitting the wrong shot
  • Losing to opponents who are not technically as sound

After Doubles Transformation

  • You and your partner come to your match with a tested plan and highly confident
  • You and your partner work together, as a team, to defend 100% of your court
  • You know where to hit every ball that comes to you for the highest percentage & best possible result.
  • You’’re playing the best pickleball of your life and having even more FUN!

Start Maximizing Your Pickleball Doubles Game Potential Today

Hear From Others About The Course

What Others Have Said About The Course

"The Dynamite Doubles program negates your opponent's talents."

I can't tell you the number of times that my partner and I played in tournaments and, in some respects, played against more talented players. And because of the Dynamite Doubles system, we were able to be successful and beat them. This happened on numerous occasions

Carol Hammerle (4.0 player) AZ

"Thank you Helle!"

Dynamite Doubles really made me a better pickleball player overall. There's many things that I've learned from Helle, and...I will adopt as many of them as I can. Thank you Helle!

Jerry Engett (3.5 player) MN

"Made all the difference & been a real game changer for me."

I took a Dynamite Doubles lesson from Helle Sparre, and it all started to make sense. Helle introduced something different, and that's about court awareness and court strategy and where to put the ball. It has made all the difference in the world and been a real game changer for me.

Sherri Steinhauer (5.0 player) NY

"Added a new understanding of court coverage"

Helle's Dynamite Doubles brought everything together & added a new understanding of court coverage, playing defense & offense, situational ball placement, setting up the next shot, & understanding your approach when you are on defense vs offense.

Sharon Kolarik (5.0 player) AZ

"Simple basics will improve your game immediately"

Learning Dynamite Doubles can be as easy or challenging as you want. Simple basics will improve your game immediately. Becoming a student of the strategy will elevate your game to the next level and beyond.

Jean Bustard (3.5 player) AZ

"It will truly make you the best version of you that you could be"

Dynamite Doubles is truly game changing. It takes you to a whole new level, makes the game fun, as it should be, and will truly make you the best version of you that you could be at Pickleball. And when I tell you it's really game changing, that's a complete understatement.

Bob Parris (4.0 player) Thailand

Course Curriculum

Five Game-Changing Sections To Get You Playing The Best Doubles Games Of Your Life



discovering Dynamite Doubles 

  • How this course originated Your doubles challenges are probably less about technique and more about an incomplete strategy. Find out why Dynamite Doubles was created to address this.
  • Why you’re losing to less skilled players What are most doubles teams doing (and not doing) that have them losing more matches than they should? Which mistakes are you and your partners making?
  • Basic tenets of Dynamite Doubles We'll review the basic building blocks and concepts that make up the foundation of Dynamite Doubles

By Now You'll Have A Great Introduction Into 'What Dynamite Doubles Is' As Well As The Key Terminology And Concepts That Will Lay The Foundation For Your Understanding Of The Blocker-Workhorse System.



the workhorse & the blocker

  • Intro to the Blocker and Workhorse method. Discover the terminology of the roles that will change your game for the better. Where do I stand? What balls are mine and which are my partner’s?
  • Who is the Workhorse?. What are the responsibilities of the player in this role? Discover where to be, what court to defend, and how to set your partner (and your team) up for success.
  • Who is the Blocker? Like the Workhorse, the Blocker has certain responsibilities. Where do I stand, where do I hit the ball, what portion of the court is mine to defend?
  • Executing the roles together on court. Discover the best practices for playing to your role responsibilities and how to keep you and your partner in the roles that best suit your playing abilities.
  • Practice drills to reinforce the concepts. On-court work that will help reinforce the responsibilities of each role and have you and your partner working as a cohesive team.

Completing This Section Provides You With The Critical Understanding Of The Roles You And Your Partner Will Have On The Court. Instead of looking at your partner during the game and asking "Whose Ball Is That?" "Who Gets The Lobs?" or "Where Should I Be On The Court?" you and your partner know exactly where to be and what to do so that you get every ball back and defend 100% of your court! Finally, Clarity And Peace Of Mind!




  • Discover the Zones on the court. This lesson will get you familiar with the concept of the different Zones on the court. What are they, where are they, and what is your goal in each.
  • Defense Zone. Learn your objectives from the biggest Zone on the court, what are the advantages of this Zone, and what are the best shots to hit when you and your partner are here.
  • Transition Zone. Discover why this isn’t “No Man’s Land,” how long you should stay here, and which Zone to go to next based on the shot your team hits. 
  • Offense Zone. This is the Zone you and your partner want to spend the most time in. Discover how to stay here longer and what to do when your opponents are in this Zone as well.
  • Attack Zone. This Zone has one goal and one goal only. We teach you how to make the most of your opportunity here and win the point!
  • Drills for Success. Here we provide practice sessions that will reinforce the right actions based on each Zone. You’ll get comfortable playing in and hitting the right shot from each Zone on the cour

After Going Through This Section, You Will Have A Masterful Understanding Of The Critical Areas Of The Court. You'll Know How Your Goals And Responsibilities Change And You Move Up To The Kitchen, How To Get Up To The Kitchen Quickly And Safely, And Recognize Where Your Opponents Are To Gain The Advantage On The Court.




  • Intro. Discover why you want to protect against "Wrong Way Wanda" court positioning with your partner and exploit it against your opponents. Discover the importance of Ready, Read, & React on the court
  • Serving Team. Unlike other sports, you don’t have the advantage to start the point. Discover what you need to do to “get to neutral” and shift the momentum to your team. And find out why “3 is the magic number!
  • Returning Team. You have the advantage to start...use it! We’ll show you how to keep your opponents back and win the point
  • The Dreaded Lob. Don’t be the victim of a well-placed lob. Discover how to best defend against an offensive lob and how to best position yourself after you hit your response.
  • Poaching. This can be a real game-changer when done right. Discover when to poach for the greatest impact and how it can be effective even when you “don’t” poach!
  • Switching & Stacking. There are a few options for getting you and your partner to your preferred and strongest positions on the court. Find out about stacking and the more ‘stealthy’ switching variation.
  • Patience. Discover why this is the single most important virtue you probably don’t have right now. Patience can make or break your game, so you’ll find out what you can do to improve this critical trait.
  • The Box & Split-Step. Getting yourself in the right position before you hit using the split-step and ‘Box’ footwork drills.
  • The Clock on the Ground. How late can you hit the ball and still send it to the desired direction? Using your clock on the ground will help you know and ensure your shots will go where you intend.

This Is Where We Put Everything Together To Give You The Knowledge To Maintain Your Advantage As The Returning Team, Quickly Get To Neutral And Flip The Court As The Serving Team, And Become Masters Of Poaching And Switching To Keep Your Opponents Guessing. You'll Also Have All The Drills To Practice On The Court To Make All Of This New Information Instinctual.




  • Why Reset Areas are your friend. Discover what it means to reset a point when you’re in trouble and where your reset areas are
  • Deep Triangles. We’ll show you when and how to best use these areas deep on the court when you’re in trouble
  • Beating Bangers. Don’t let the Bangers win! How to identify when the hard shot is coming and how to best defend to keep your team in the game and negate the power.
  • The Kitchen. This is the optimal reset target to use. Discover why you should be hitting outside-to-outside here and where the kitchen triangles are. 

This Section Is Where You Get Comfortable With Getting Out Of Trouble And Turning A Bad Situation On The Court To Neutral Or Even Offense. By Understanding This, You're Ensuring You Can Get Back Into The Point From Anywhere On The Court.

What Are Your Waiting For?

Start Maximizing Your Pickleball Doubles Game Potential Today

Meet Your Instructors

Helle Sparre

Teaches both tennis and pickleball as in IPTPA certified teaching pro. Helle is the author of the Dynamite Doubles for Pickleball program and has helped hundreds of players of all levels improve their game

Trey Sizemore

Is the founder of, an online resource for helping players of all levels improve their game through multi-format instruction.

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Be ready when you’re back on the court to be playing the best pickleball of your life!

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use these lessons when I’m not on the court?

Absolutely! Much of the content available in “Dynamite Doubles for Pickleball” is about learning a new way to look at the court and understand the roles you and your partner will play. While there are plenty of drills to reinforce what you’re learning on the court, much can be learned while you’re off the court

How long will I have access to “Dynamite Doubles for Pickleball” lessons?

As a “Dynamite Doubles for Pickleball” student, you will have a lifetime access to all video lessons and bonuses. There are no deadlines, no time pressure. You can enjoy the course at your own pace

Can I download “Dynamite Doubles for Pickleball” videos to my computer?

All video lessons are streamed online and available for you at any time on any Internet connected device. As a student, you have a lifetime access to all video lessons and bonuses you have paid for. You cannot download the “Dynamite Doubles for Pickleball” video lessons. This policy protects our copyrighted products distribution.

What if I have any technical questions?

We provide all necessary Customer Support.

I have a question that isn’t covered on this page.

Please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Is there a money back guarantee?

You can try Dynamite Doubles for Pickleball for 30 days, and if you aren't satisfied, just ask us for a full refund within 30 days of your date of purchase.

If you do the work, put in your best effort. and feel that we haven't delivered, we will issue a 100% refund.

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