Double the Number Of Pickleball Games You’re Winning!

Let us show you the Blocker-Workhorse method so you and your partner know where to be, which ball is yours to hit, and the highest percentage shots to have you defend 100% of your court and win more games!

Know where to be in the court

Know which ball is yours to hit

Know where to return your shots

Are you feeling ‘out of sync’ with your partner and in your pickleball doubles game?

  • “Should forehand really take the middle…?”
  • "Was that my ball to hit or my partner’s…?"
  • “Why am I playing more but not seeing better results…?”
  • “What’s the best third shot for this situation…?”
  • “Should we be stacking or switching…?”

Every time I look at the course content a lightbulb goes on for me. I have learned so much and I’m just beginning so thank you!

Kathy Grieve

Why the Blocker-Workhorse method is the smart choice to get you doubling the games you win

Be In The Right Position

Always be defending 100% of your court with your partner. Leave no openings for your opponents to exploit.

Work together as a TEAM

Rather than playing as two singles players on the court, work together to set each other for success.

Return shots with purpose

Hit every shot with ‘bad intentions’ by knowing the highest-percentage shot for each situation and where to hit for maximum effectiveness.

Doing the same things and expecting different results is madness.

Let us help you to win more using the proven strategies that are working for hundreds of players.

Here is just some of the fantastic feedback we get from students every week

Just so you know, I think this course is the best thing since sliced bread! Incredibly insightful, I am learning things often glossed over or totally overlooked by other instructors. A big THANK YOU goes to you and Helle!

Rob Gurney

Helle's Dynamite Doubles brought everything together & added a new understanding of court coverage, playing defense & offense, situational ball placement, setting up the next shot, & understanding your approach when you are on defense vs offense.

Sharon Kolarik

I love how you present your info. It’s deep but explained simply. Nothing gets lost. From my experience what you teach leads students a foundation to build upon and return to when something may be unclear later. Really enjoying it!

Gary Cassera

Dynamite Doubles is truly game changing. It takes you to a whole new level, makes the game fun, as it should be, and will truly make you the best version of you that you could be at Pickleball. And when I tell you it's really game changing, that's a complete understatement

Bob Parris

I can’t tell you how you and Helle have helped me with my strategic game. It has changed my whole perspective on the game of Pickleball

Susan Sage

I can't tell you the number of times that my partner and I played in tournaments and, in some respects, played against more talented players. And because of the Dynamite Doubles system, we were able to be successful and beat them. This has happened on numerous occasions

Carol Hammerle

Thanks so much to you and Helle for all the fantastic content! We are definitely seeing an improvement in our game by applying these concepts - we like having a process or construct to work within so we can focus more during a match on opponent weaknesses.

Leah Caviness

Two great courses to help you shortcut your path to greater success on the court

Dynamite Doubles For Pickleball

Our flagship course that has helped hundreds of players and their partners learn the Blocker-Workhorse method and skyrocket their success as a TEAM

Kitchen Domination

Our course focused on helping you and your partner be more successful at the Non-volley Zone.

*These courses have a tremendous return on your time investment! The lessons are presented in a methodical way, each building on the next, with proven, actionable instruction that you can put to use immediately on the court and revisit as often as you like.

I just want to say how much this instruction has meant to me. It has improved my game so much and added to the enjoyment of the whole experience of becoming a better player! You guys are just plain awesome!!

Kris Stromberg

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